Designing a building, a space, an object is a task that requires great conscience and responsability.
The client, his individual needs and personality are at the centre of the projectual idea; the designer must know and understand these requirements, creating flexible and exciting solutions, addressing those needs.
To communicate and to know each other is fundamental to reach a gratifying result. Futhermore it is necessary to give importance also to other aspects, priviledging an accurate selection of materials, finishings and application techniques, which safeguard life quality and people's psychological and physical well being.

The building's orientation, acoustical and thermic insulation, plant design aspects respecting regulations in force, choice of furnishings and textiles, till the customized search for antique furniture and elements rivisited with precious and recycled materials; these are all components that, only if tied together in a harmonious and refined way, guarantee a satisfying result from an architectural, functional and aesthetic point of view.

Everything is centred around the client, his taste, his sensibility, which must be stimulated with a product that wants to communicate as well as concreteness and functionality, elegance and style. The work ends only after a thorough and efficient check of all executive phases, verifying that the project has been carried out in a state of the art manner and eventually modifying it, adapting it to the needs of the work process itself.
  • Andrea Angelini
    interior designer
    Andrea Angelini ends his interior design and architecture course at IDI, Interior Design Institute, at the age of 25. Before starting his professional career, he works for Nobilis for a year in Paris in order to improve his knowledge in the furnishing textile sector. In 2003 he starts his collaboration with Curiosità by Anna Prosperi, with whom he produces many interior projects both in Italy and abroad. In 2011 he creates a company called A' Milano, with the aim of offering his clients a complete service, which goes from the architectural project to the interior design. To complete this process, in the same year Andrea creates AB Group, a business specialized in refurbishments. The challenge that Andrea would like to meet is that of making A' Milano by Curiosità an innovative Brand in the design panorama.
  • Anna Prosperi
  • I nostri partner
    our partners
    AB Group was founded in 2011 by Andrea Angelini and Salvatore Benvenuto; AB Group is a reburbishment company, that collaborates with A' Milano in all of its projects requiring structural renovation.
    Curiosità by Anna Prosperi since 1960 is a reference point in Milano for jewels and design furnishings; entering Curiosità is just like going on a trip because each corner is a surprise, each object has a story to tell.